Contemporary Teachers Role

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In education, professionalism is getting more important. The importance of contemporary teacher role is demanding in the societies. Hargreaves (2000) explained that the four ages of professionalism and it should be the quality and standards of practice. Teaching is the only way to change the societies that teacher should help students to develop on the right track (Morris, 2008).

Beforehand, Miss Wong, Mr. Tam and Mr. Chan, three current teachers who were represent from Music, Visual Arts and Physical Education field respectively were interviewed in my group investigation.

The group investigation was about teacher role and professional development. It is interesting to find that the three teachers have their own passion on their …show more content…

Recent education reform demands a highly skilled teaching profession and it is widely accepted that a teacher’s development spans an entire career (Court, 1991). Therefore, teachers must be immersed in the subjects they teach, and have the ability both to communicate basic knowledge and to develop advanced thinking and problem-solving skills among their students (Loucks-Horsley, Hewson, Love, & Stiles, 1998; National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, …show more content…

Dean (1991) pointed out that many people will rise to demands they feel are important. Opportunities to take responsibility are highly motivating to some people and should be widely distributed. The teachers feel a personal mission that learn as much as they can about the world, about others, about themselves and help others to do the same (Zehm and Kottler, 1993, p.118) Besides, Mr. Tam considered taking care of students as well as taking responsibility are important. He believed his philosophy of teaching is to take care of student. He has read many books talked about ‘the definition of care’, caring is thinking on students’ side. It helped him to think how to communicate and think of different methods to help students learning. ‘CARE’ is a special word to him because the role of teacher is similar with the role of parents to give care for his students in

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