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The SafeClinch Training System is designed for caregivers dealing with uncooperative behaviors. It is a complete verbal de-escalation and physical intervention program. I receive request often asking for a demonstration of the techniques in the SafeClinch Program. This book showcases a very small percent of the overall SafeClinch Training System for demonstration purposes only. There is some debate on whether we should physically restrain a person as a caregiver. This book does not tackle that debate. This is not another self-defense book. There are plenty of those out there already. I purposely did not spend a great deal of time showing this facet of the training. Although, I do cover self-defense situations thoroughly in the SafeClinch…show more content…
The physical intervention techniques in this book are meant to appear as if I was hugging the combative person until they could regain self-control and no longer combative. I cannot just throw a bunch of techniques together and call it an intervention program. All the techniques have to work together and I should be able to flow from one technique to the next with some flexibility. The techniques in this book rely on gross motor movements. These movements are easy to learn and retain over long periods of time. If a particular technique is not working I transition to another position. No one technique is 100% effective. I have to be flexible and I continue to move until I get the person immobilized. Even during a physical intervention I make sure to use verbal commands and continue my verbal de-escalation efforts. I give myself the option to disengage or escape if safety is a concern and wait for others to assist if available. I never want to be surprised by a person’s behavior. So, I stay mentally sharp about my environment. If a person is surprised by an “outburst” they might overreact to the situation. In any physical intervention I make sure I use verbal de-escalation techniques first. I use only the minimum amount of force necessary, and I discontinue any physical techniques when no longer

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