DBHDD Interationship Report

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As a mental health nurse at DBHDD under the new preceptorship program, nurses will be able to learn how to communicate and provide good service to our patients. Not to mention, communication skills are crucial components of being a mental health nurse. Under this preceptorship, DBHDD nurse will have a good foundation and knowledge of mental ill health theory and how to apply it in practice. Understand the risk of violence that is often associated with mental health, and the number of the skilled set that is needed to identify a buildup of tension and be able to defuse any issues in needed by observational, interpersonal communication and psychosocial. In addition to, learning communication techniques, the program will demonstration how to stay calm in situations that may cause some type of violence in the workplace with the patient, by establishing problem-solving, good judgment, and maybe offer advice skills. But furthermore, DBHDD preceptorship program will bring forth value to the organization, through describing basic interpersonal skilled with the patient. Suitable interpersonal skills are what each mental health nurse needs to build to establish a relationship with the individuals. In order to communicate effectively with mental health patients, nurses must work towards being …show more content…

Behavioral Safety Training program provides the skills and competencies necessary to effectively prevent, minimize, and manage behavioral challenges with dignity, safety, and the possibility of change (Safety-Care, 2016). With this training it will help with the understanding how and why crisis events happen, preventing crises by using a variety of supportive interaction strategies. Responding appropriately and safely to dangerous behavior. Prevent the need for restraint. Intervene after a crisis to reduce the chance that it will happen again (Safety-Care,

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