Essay On Samsung Consumer Electronics Environment

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Report on Samsung Consumer Electronics Environment

1. Background
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., (subsidiary of Samsung conglomerate) is a multinational organization, headquartered in Suwon, South Korea and currently the second largest information technology and semiconductors company in the world (Forbes 2015b). The company primarily deals with consumer electronics, under three major divisions, Consumer Electronics (CE), Information Technology & Mobile Communications (IM) and Device Solutions (DS). Samsung Electronics has assembly plants and sales networks under 200 subsidiaries and employs around 235,999 people (Forbes 2015a). As per Forbes, Samsung is the second largest information system in the world, with a total $195 billion in sales, $ 22 billion profits and $210 billion in assets (Forbes 2015b). Its products range from color televisions, monitors, air conditioners, refrigerators, laundry machines, computers, handhold phones, network systems, digital cameras etc. (Electronics 2016).

2. Macro Environment PESTLE
Political: The principal political factor guiding the operations of Samsung is the political instability existing between North and South Korea, which could escalate into possible war in the nearby future (NBC Bay Area 2013). Furthermore, among its foreign markets, the Middle East and Russia’s unstable political regimes also pose a
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In case of Internal Environment, high importance for innovation is the most important characteristic of Samsung, while its strict labor laws and focus on environment sustainability makes them socially responsible across the world. Increased importance for ethical treatment of labors and increased awareness of climate change impact has helped Samsung channel its efforts into new technology and business strategies pertaining to social responsibility (Samsung 2016; Samsung Electronics

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