Sb 1070 Pros And Cons

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In 2010 a legislative act was issued in the state of Arizona and has received great attention and controversy. The Arizona Senate Bill 1070, Arizona SB 1070, permits police officers to determine the immigration status of whoever they arrest if, they have reasonable suspicion that they are illegal. SB 1070 has stirred controversy between people who are against illegal immigration and others who say this law allows profiling of Hispanics by the police.
As of now, the United States Government’s immigration system is complex. America has a limit of 675,000 permanent immigrants, with exceptions of close family members, under the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Federal law states that aliens over 14 who are in the U.S for more than 30 days are …show more content…

Hispanics would not be so cautious throughout their daily lives on if they would make it back to their families, or if they would be deported. Instead, they can focus on creating a better future for themselves, and their families. They can look forward to applying for U.S citizenship, or residency. An increase in citizenships would lead to an increase in diversity and equality. Many hispanics fill the low-qualification jobs that many Americans do not want to fill such as: housemaids, construction workers, lawn mowers, etc. If many of those who fill these jobs are illegal and deported, no one would fill them. This would leave a gap, and a need for more workers who might be uninterested and over-qualified for the position. A non-discriminatory environment is a long stretch if America only takes away SB 1070. Taking away discrimination in America starts at the root of the problem, but SB 1070 is a good start. Young adults today are opposed to anything that separates citizens from becoming one. They promote unity and difference in the states, and they will be the future for America. Another positive would be removing the idea that all immigrants are nasty, distasteful and illegal as if America was not founded by …show more content…

The American population would not be accurate. It would be an approximation because no one knows the exact amount of hispanic immigrants in the U.S. Plenty of citizens are frustrated that their tax dollars support people who are not supposed to be in America. Mostly because Americans believe that hispanic illegals are not trying to improve their social status. On the other hand, the mental and physical wellness of legal and illegal families that push to support their illegal family members takes a toll on their health. All in all, illegal hispanic immigrants make that push in the U.S that some Americans would not

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