Texas Immigration Case Study

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I, Jacob Patterson, am choosing to run my gubernatorial campaign on the platform of restricting the amount of foreign legal immigration into the state of Texas. Why restrict the amount of immigration into the Lone Star state? Well if you ask me there are actually three main reasons, those are: jobs, security, and defending america 's culture. Countless legal loopholes currently reside in our country 's legal immigration laws and many states simply don’t abide by the statutes currently implemented in the Immigration Act of 1990. As Texans it 's our duty to protect and secure our border as a part of national security. We share over 1,200 miles of border with Mexico, we must insure that mass migration is controlled in the state of Texas to ensure the amount of natural resources is abundant. I will order the Texas Rangers and summon the Texan Militia to protect our wide open border.

The 1990 Immigration Act places the limit of legal persons entering the United States at 700,000 person per year (Rubenstein 41). There over 26 million legal immigrants and over 20 …show more content…

Under my governorship no refugees would be admitted into the great state of Texas. I would also ban every person who is granted citizenship under the diversity lottery. The diversity lottery is another way for congress to allow immigrants to enter the United States and avoid immigration laws (Rubenstein 43). Over 50,000 immigrants enter each year through this program and are granted permanent residency (Rubenstein 43). Legal immigration is more disruptive and is spreading more rapidly than illegal immigration (Rubenstein 43). The diversity lottery is also incredibly unsafe because most people send multiple entries with false names (Rubenstein 43). Winners of the lottery are mostly from muslim countries which impose a huge national security threat to The United States and to Texas (Rubenstein

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