Literature Review On Poverty And Education

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2/28/18 Poverty and Education For this literature review, I conducted an analysis of poverty and how poverty affects children and their education. For my internship I work in a low-income school system, I really wanted to dive into what and how this has a role to play in brain and education. The major question that I feel needs to be answered in order to continue this research project is: has been shown to negatively influence child brain development, thus interfering with their success in the academic setting? There are many environmental factors that influence how a child’s brain develops before the age of six. These effects include prenatal care, health conditions, and poor school readiness skills in their language. Children raised in poverty are adversely affected both indirectly and directly through their family’s lack of resources and education. This Literary review I want to show where the Gap is in the research and problem solving of this issue. As well as the problems children face in their environmental and the impact on their ability to learn and remember new information and provides strategies for educators to help children and their families find the appropriate resources to help parents. Programs are listed that help both students and families reverse the negative implications of poverty on brain development in children. Poverty The first theme to dive into is poverty. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 1995 about forty million

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