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Scholarly Article Review A review of the article, Ensuring quality education in criminal justice: Academic standards and the reemergence of accreditation, written in 2007 by Southerland,, was conducted by this author. In this particular article, the article’s authors did not show bias in their writing. The article was based on solid evidence collected during the study both historical and acceptable practices at the time the study was conducted. The article was peer reviewed for accuracy and to ensure study and subsequent article was being held to the high ethical standards of scholarly writing. One could argue that the authors’ may have shown bias in the fact that the report could be written in a manner that would sway more funding into an educational program, but he conclusion made it clear that the benefits of accreditation was the articles overriding purpose (Southerland,, p. 102). I believe that the audience, whether from academia, law enforcement, or the general public would view the article as an attempt to improve law enforcement and increase its professional standards through academic means. The article was well written in a manner that most readers would understand its purpose, and the value of such a study as suggested in a student educational video provide by Walden …show more content…

102), the article also made it clear that the ancillary benefit could be better trained practitioners of the discipline (Southerland, et. al., 2007). With that said, I believe that I would have indicated that there were ancillary benefits to accreditation earlier in the article, perhaps in the abstract. After reviewing the article and re-reading it several times as suggested by Presidents and Fellows Harvard University (2010), I did not locate any additional factors located in the article that would alter my view of the document (para.

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