Criminal Justice Ethics Paper

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Sam Freeman Jr
Introduction to Criminal Justice Ethics (CJUS261)
Professor Umeki Ramsey
Unit 1 – Discussion Board 2
November 18, 2015

Police officers sole purpose in the United States is to protect and serve the county, city municipality, and state government to ensure that the law is being upheld by everybody within them. Peace officers assume a focal part in the law authorization framework. They screen criminal movement, tune in group watches, react to crisis calls, issue tickets, make captures, examine violations and affirm in court as required. It is no secret that the United States inherited much of Great Britain governmental institutions. In the Bible, Jesus says “to whom much is given, much will be required” (Luke 12:48). …show more content…

How do you think this situation would have been handled 50 years ago? 25 years ago? 10 years ago? I think 50 years ago the store owner would have got a pass. I also think 25 years ago the store owner would still get a pass. I think ten years ago the store owner would probably get a ticket unless; he contacted one of the police officers on their cell phone to try and get him out of the ticket. The evolution of criminal justice ethics has changed with the number of police shooting, social media complaints, and society’s hatred for police officer. With these issues, police departments have tried to develop a friendlier and socially geared police department. You will see the phrase, “community policing” which really stands for police officers in the community that care about the people and the …show more content…

Why? I would tell the store owner to go back to his vehicle and remain in the vehicle. I would ask the police officer who pulled him over what do you want to do? If he said he wanted to write him a ticket, I would not intervene at all. If he stated that he would write him a warning ticket, I would go with that as well. As a police officer, it is his discretion with how he handles a moving violation on any situation. I would approach the store owner privately and talk to him. I would tell him even though you treat us good with your hospitality, you cannot expect to get out of tickets when you break the law. I would ask him how he would have felt if he would have struck another vehicle while going through the red light and caused a fatality accident? Either way I would take to officers and brief them on the departmental standards. I would still tell them to treat the store owner with respect. If the store owner started treating the officers with an attitude, I would talk to him so there would be no tension. The true mission in every department is to not have officers abusing their badge they swore under oath to respect and live by for their particular agency and

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