Essay On Police Misconduct

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Police misconduct denotes to illegal or inappropriate actions that police officers take in association with their formal obligations (Palmiotto, 2001). It can lead to an injustice and at times involves the obstruction of justice or discrimination. In a bid to regulate police misconduct, a fast-tracking trend for citizen agencies to go past the review to take part in investigations directly and have more input into disciplinary choices exist. With the increase in mobile devices that can record alleged misconduct, prosecution bodies, in some jurisdictions, are leveraging current spying laws to indict civilians, while, in other situations, police will unlawfully delete or seize evidence (Palmiotto, 2001). In this paper we will see the cause and effect of police misconduct leading to civilian complaint review board, and what resolutins are addressed in law enforcement departments and agencies throughout America.
Types of misconduct comprise of false confession, false evidence, false arrest, intimidation, police brutality, false imprisonment, police corruption, surveillance abuse, racial profiling, off-duty misconduct, and witness tampering. Others include selective enforcement whereby the police fails to report violations by friends, …show more content…

The consequences in terms of department morale, reputation, and community relations are upsetting to bear any longer. The memo is clear; it is no longer tolerable for police divisions to operate without accountability or with impunity.
Police executives ought to strive to advance the policing field incessantly along a course of professionalization (“Addressing police misconduct,” 2001). Police Misconduct throughout
America has led to department to be retrained, reformed, restructured and some have been tarnished nation wide to to some bad decisions in policing leading to

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