School Shooting In High School

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In the past two year, there has been 161 school or attempted school shootings which averages to nearly one every week. () It seems like every day there is a new article or story on another school shooting and because it is becoming such common news it seems just as if it was another static.(is this a run on?) Shootings are becoming more relevant in our everyday live than ever before and the government is taking no action on changing loose gun control laws in the United States. Now the schools and states are taking matters into their own hands by designing and adopting new programs to increase survival in case of a shooter. Schools are teaching young children to high school how to defend against a shooter and it is not a viable method of dealing with school shootings. Schools are taking matters into their own hand and installing programs to respond to shooter in an aggressive manner such as A.L.I.C.E, which stands for …show more content…

Implementation would be difficult because “considerations ranging from child learning and development factors, to implementation issues such as whether school districts could even possibly provide the quality and quantity of training necessary.”() To advocate to implementation of these method would not only be extremely difficult but not effective because every shooter situation would not be the same so the type of training would be very vague. In addition, it is unrealistic to expect 25 student to simultaneously attack the shooter at an split seconds notice with accuracy if he walks into the room unknowingly because even SWAT teams have to practice intensely for years to achieve that kind of reaction. () The implementation of these idea are just unrealistic and there are better procedure that can be instated to protect students without putting them in harm’s

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