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As I reflect on this academic year I noticed that at the beginning of the semester I had no specific goal. If any it was to get through the semester without any major downfalls, but once this course became part of my routine I began to enjoy it. I started to push myself to have a better physique. Overall this course helped me become less depressed and somewhat more active. At the start of this academic year I had a very simple diet that consisted of this new food in powder food called Soylent. Whit this product I knew exactly how many calories I was consuming, and this product provided me with every nutrient that I would need. It was all going well into this diet became compromised, the product was on backorder and the company would not have any in stock until October 29. This meant that from September until early November I would have to cook my meals, and with my tight schedule I would have to leave the cooking to my father since my mother had to go back to Mexico. …show more content…

I personally do not mid eating the same food over and over again, in fact that is what I did with Soylent. In my opinion we were both eating pretty healthy, but once I took my heart rate in class I was shocked to be told otherwise. It was not dangerous level, but apparently I was eating too much salt and that is why my heath rate was higher than usual. I still wanted to know where all that salt came from, and all I could think us tuna. Why tuna? Well tuna was a major part of my daily diet, and tuna by itself is low on sodium, but the crackers that I ate the tuna with; they are full of salt and have been eating them with almost every meal. At this time, I wanted to go back to my simple powder food, but I could not go back. I did not want to leave my father eating alone at dinner, so I decided to pay more attention to my condiments instead of leaving my father alone at the dinner

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