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Sehyun Joseph Kim, MGMT 102, Professor Hite
Self Reflection Analysis Throughout this quarter, taking the various self assessments both reinforced previous knowledge that I already knew about myself and taught me more about myself. Even when I knew which choices would yield me a higher score, I forced myself to admit my flaws and choose the honest answers or else there would be no point in these quizzes. In this paper, I will be discussing the top three self assessments that helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses as well as habits that I may need to change to become a better employee and leader.
Self Assessment #1 - Goal Orientation
What was confirmed?
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The questions I answered on this self assessment confirmed that my job’s work team is highly interdependent. As a member of the marketing and sales team, I cannot do any work unless my boss issues a project or product to market to other businesses (we are a b2b company). Regarding sales, unless Susana, my coworker who is in charge of customer service, gives me a client portfolio, I have no list to go off of. In the same way, unless I make a sale by contacting potential clients and existing clients, the data teams do not have any projects to work on, so they rely on me in that aspect.
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I kind of have to talk to my boss and ask what he thinks about things and guess if he is pleased with my progress. I want to have a consistent feedback loop so that I know if I am functioning efficiently or not. Moreover, I want to establish a steady flow of communication to the other teams of my company. Our actions generally do not coincide at all, so we barely make any contact, but I still think that it will be beneficial to discuss clients. Since I make contact with clients directly, I can relay any specifications or preferred customizations to better please our customers. In practice, this will enhance our customer service because all of our teams will be more familiar with our clients. With more contact in between each working team, general cohesiveness will most likely increase throughout the

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