Self Reflective Analysis Essay: Texas Campus Carry Law

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Self-reflective Analysis Essay Although English, as my second language, is a big challenge to me during studying in a country of which native language is English, it plays an important role in daily communication, academic achievement as well as shaping personality. Almost four months have passed since I enrolled in Freshman Composition 1, the work in this portfolio demonstrates that I made improvements on summary, teamwork and evaluation of sources. Although I have made some progress, I still showed weakness in understanding the topic fully and properly, grammar issues and lack of using advanced vocabulary. I have used several skills to better understand the critical thinking. Summary, as the conclusion of all the previous paragraphs in …show more content…

In the first essay, my conclusion part simply summarized the thesis which showed as “In conclusion, it is believed that the controversy regarding the Texas Campus Carry law has never stopped. Since the law has been announced and implemented, it is significant for both the supporters and the opponents to find the balance for justice, as no matter the law will lead to the more or the less harmful factors occurring, the purpose of it is always towards reducing the crimes and establishing a harmonious and secure campus for the entire society” (Dong-Flora, “Controversial Campus Carry.” First Draft 4). As an informative essay, the main purpose of the conclusion is to briefly conclude all the significant information in each paragraph without showing individual opinions on the topic. In the rhetorical analysis essay, as a conclusion, I wrote “This commercial uses the connection of obvious visual scenes to show the customer that Budweiser is just like one of their best friends. When their lives are low, Budweiser is the one of the best …show more content…

During the Q-Assignment and group presentation preparation period, I worked with my teammates in class as well as via emails and texts. We searched online to find appropriate sources separately and change the files at several intervals. In accordance to Q-Assignment, I learned many uncommon words which may make certain people uncomfortable as well as how to conduct a survey and create a graph based on the findings (Dong-Flora et al, “Can We Ban These Words?” Q-Assignment). Also, our group leader assigned tasks to everyone rationally to make sure we get twice the result with half the effort. The most significant skill I learned is communication. As an international student, speaking is the most difficult and challenging part during the study process, effective communication among group members can not only help with the assignment improvement, but also build up my confidence step by

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