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Semi was comes from Greek that bring the means sign. Semiochemicals is a potential agent for the selective control of insect in pest management. Semiochemicals can be define as an agent that determines the life situation of an insect for example feeding, mating for each other, and also egg - laying. There are another word can describe semiochemicals which is also one of the small organic compound and natural substance that conduct the chemical massage and also used by the insect to communicate for each other. Small organic compound were used by the insect for intraspecies and also interspecies communication. All insect could discover the semiochemicals precisely from the air with their olfactory receptors. Sensilla hairs on their
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An important addition in some research of semiochemicals and also their application on an insect for control pest also can be done in chemical laboratories. But, in this case, we need to have collaboration between biologists. This is because biological test was needed to detect and evaluate the chemical interaction between the organisms.
Synthetic organic chemistry acts as important thing in this case due to get a successful identification of an active compound. To get the compound for the biological test in order to confirm the chromatographic, we need to synthesis it. Same goes also to the spectroscopic identification. The chemical signal can be authorized in one single compound or in a mixture compound in a very specific proportion of the chemical. It can be either in common or structurally simple compound.
From some research, they have recently found that water can be an aggregation for the almond moth. Ephestia cautella can cause problem in producing candy and chocolate. In food industry, water possibly useful in aggregation of the other insect that can cause damage to production of food. It will disturb the mating of an insect when water traps in combination with pheromones. It’s also seems to be one of the affective method to control. The contaminant of the isometric compound can completely change biological response. To get the successful result, it is crucial to use the selective synthetic

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