Sense Of Fashion

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The sense of fashion

With the increase in globalization, people became more aware of their fashion and lifestyle. Because of globalization, their worlds grew smaller and they have started to see people from different cultures apart from their own. Not only did this phenomenon broaden their perspectives on lifestyles, clothing and other aspects of people’s lives, it also gave them standards to compare themselves with. Psychologically, the new comparable options had contributed in the awareness of fashion in their mind, leading to a growing sense in fashion. Although most of us associate fashion with clothing, in reality, it is much broader. Fashion, in a general sense, is a mode of visual communication, one that we use to present ourselves
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The most notable example would be the freedom of women. In most of the medieval patriarchic societies, women were subdued from expressing themselves in terms of their physical appearances. They were compelled to cover their whole body and in many societies, covering their face was a must. It was a fashion that was imposed upon them, far from one that most would like to choose. However as the world headed to a more peaceful stage, especially after the world wars, their rights were being recognized and from there onwards started a dynamic change not only in their clothing style, but also in their entire lifestyles. Women were now able to wear close that would enable them to freely express their personality. They could even go for clothes resembling those of the male population but has their own sense of elegance and fashion. Imagine how much trouble a lady would have to go through if she chose to follow such trends in the medieval era. In addition to women empowerment, dynamic changes in fashion portray massive social changes. The non-violent movement of Mahatma Gandhi initiated by boycotting the clothing that the British colonialist enforced the Indians to wear. Instead he went for a simpler version of clothing that was geographically and environmentally convenient that could be manufactured by the Indians in their very own homes. Such abstemious lifestyle, followed by millions of Indians had brought down the trade of the notorious East Indian Company eventually putting an end to British colonialism. Such is the power that our fashion sense beholds as it directly links with our consumerism. A change in fashion sense in a society can almost always be ascribed with a change in its socio-economic
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