Serial Killers: The Darfur Genocide

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Death. Such a small word has the power to send chills up the back of someone’s spine. This word is actually much bigger than it seems to be. It has the capability to change lives, for better or for worse. So, how is it that if the word can haunt people, that people are even able to kill? The minds of murderers and criminals are inhumane in a way like no other. With minds like these, it is close to impossible to have an order or system at all. Mankind is able to commit atrocities and killings by being being mentally ill, having no social order, and oppressing specific groups. The minds of criminals have been proved to have psychological disorders affecting their minds and bodies. It has been shown that genocide leaders like Adolf Hitler have …show more content…

The Darfur genocide began in February 2003, and is still continuing today. Darfuri rebel groups, such as the SLM and JLM, are attacking the Sudanese and their government. They are “burning villages, looting economic resources, polluting water sources, murdering, raping, and torturing civilians” (Darfur Genocide). This violence all began between the groups fighting over oppression. After the government was accused of maltreatment, they fought back by doing an “ethnic cleansing” of Darfur’s non-arabs. The only pro of this was proving that there actually was persecution going on through the government in the Sudan. These oppressions and persecutions going on are just adding more fuel to the fire. Humanity is capable of carrying out these cruelties by genocide leaders being mentally ill, having no social order, and specific groups being oppressed. Hitler’s psychological disorders worsened the violence of the Holocaust. Rwanda being without a leader led the country to absolute madness. The Sudanese government persecuted their people and expected all of their problems to be solved. These examples show that these criminals are inhumane and have the power to kill. They are untouched by death. Untouched by the action, the idea, and the

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