Shared Humanity In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Do certain characteristics influence us humans to think what actually make us “human”, well these 6 categories of shared humanity play a role in human's everyday lives. Shared humanity happens in humans lives whether it's once or many times. The novels and short stories we took the time to read in class had many evidence to show shared humanity in people's lives. These 6 categories play a major role in human's lives no matter what, you are going to encounter challenges in your life as a human. In the novel Night there is evidence that shows the category of relationship. In the novel Night a boy named Elie is separated from his mother and sister. Therefore Elie and his father are sent to a concentration camp known as Auschwitz. Relationship is show when Elie is separated from the last person he has, his father. Elie looks up to his father like every kid looks up to their parent or guardian so this shows a very strong bond or family relationship between the …show more content…

As you read this book Daisy, the main character, gets sent to England to live with her cousins while the war is going on there. Daisy faces many challenges throughout the novel. The category that was shown for shared humanity was morality. This section of the novel Daisy states, “Falling into sexual and emotional thrall with an underage blood relative hadn’t exactly been on my list of things to do” (Rosoff 47). Thus the relative being her cousin Edmond. Daisy stating this quote from the novel seems like she can not really help being in love with Edmond and it is what she thinks is right and it just happens. Therefore she really loves him which is weird because they are cousins but she can not break away from Edmond for her own good or morality. This being said the 2 novels and short stories we have read in class have many examples of the 6 Shared Humanity categories in them

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