Sheltered Journal Reflection

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Journal Reflection #2: Sheltered Instruction

Journal Reflection #2
Sheltered Instruction
Tami McLean
Morningside College

The following reflection is about the article Using Sheltered Instruction to Support English Learners by Amy Markos and Jennifer Himmel. This reflection will give a summary of the article and reflect how the information can be used in the classroom.
Sheltered Instruction to Support English Learners defines shelter instruction as a strategically and systematically approach to incorporate English language development into content-area instruction (Markos & Himmel, 2016). Sheltered instruction became popular in the early 1980s. Prominent models of sheltered instruction include …show more content…

The Vocabulary Quilt strategy allows instructors to incorporate content vocabulary instruction at students’ English language proficiency. This strategy also allows students to work with others which promotes social-cultural development. The U-C-ME strategy allows instructors to uncover existing connections that students already have with content, concentrate on critical concepts, and monitor/evaluate the students understanding of a concept (Herrera, Perez, Kavimandan, & Wessels, 2013).
The article on sheltered instruction did not contain any surprised for me. I have already incorporated many sheltered instruction strategies into my classroom. There are many areas of sheltered instruction that I could dig deeper into. One area I would like to learn about is the summative assessments that correlate with sheltered instruction. How do these assessments match the Iowa Core Standards and ESL Standards.
Sheltered instruction helps instructors match content material with the level of English language proficiency. Sheltered instruction can help develop communitive approaches that promote social-cultural relationships between students. The four language arts domains of reading, writing, speaking, and listening can be incorporated in sheltered instruction strategies (Markos & Himmel, p

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