Short Biography: Agustin Caralde Fabian's Revolution

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Agustin Caralde Fabian was born on the 15th day of August, year 1901 at Plaridel, Bulacan. Started schooling at their province and continued his college taking Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management up at University of Illinois in United States. During World War II, Fabian served as a colonel of guerrillas in the Bulacan area, where he fought against the Japanese. That explains why he clearly described the situation and the scenes in one of his novels. In his contemporary, he is “A.C.” and staffs determine him as “Tangkad” (Tall) for he has the height like one’s basketball player. But not only his height is what can caught your attention, he has the authority in his voice and being discipline in fulfilling his obligations as being the chief who is the early one to come…show more content…
He didn’t want to correct the news so he did go to his own country which is Philippines. American army did visit Philippines and Andres became well-known. He became famous in line of the rich people, seduced by young woman, and offer medical services for the poor. One night, he went to the house of Lily—a prostitute and popular in the circle of the rich people. He felt dizzy as he over worked, fell and his head hit the ground. He had amnesia and Lily used that as an opportunity to make him believe that she is his wife. But his lover, Alice, wanted to find Andres and decided to go to the Philippines for she will fulfill what Andres wanted that was written in the letter she received telling her that if ever he died of the war, she will be the one who will be in charge of building the hospital for the poor people. That made the story unique for the reason that commonly, the boys are the one who chase and find their lover. With Alfredo, Bill and Estrella, many people have helped by Alice. Andres had remembered again after falling and his head hits the floor again. Tandang Pedro helped him. Lily’s deception had finally put on end.
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