Short Essay On Vehicle Safety

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Everyone thinks seatbelts are all fun and games until someone gets very hurt. I have personal experience from my childhood about this. Just like in any other short story, my story has many of the same characteristics. The message of this story portrays the importance of vehicle safety. This story uses its strong literary characteristics to push home that everyone should wear their seatbelts while operating any type of vehicle. It was a beautiful, summer day when my friend, Natalie, and I wanted to go on a go-cart ride. I begged for her to let me drive her go-cart. Natalie was in a quandary of whether to let me drive or not. She finally gave in. We started driving up and down the black top road, which was on a plateau, and then made our way…show more content…
It is easy to support the theme that is presented in my story as it shows that wearing a seatbelt can prevent injury and even death. In one article, I found out people do not wear seatbelts because the distance they are traveling is short, and they think an accident will not occur. Also, people thought the idea of wearing a seatbelt was not cool (Virtual Driver). Although to some people this may be true, but factual evidence has shown that seatbelts save lives. Some evidence I have found is that more than half of wrecks happen less than five miles away from home (Driving Today). It is truly obvious to see that wearing a seatbelt will increase people’s chances of safety if they are ever in a vehicle accident. Taking all this into account, it is crucial to understand seatbelt safety. As I have stated, seatbelts are nothing to joke about. I learned this lesson the hard way by not wearing my seatbelt. It is easy to see that my story is just like many other short stories. It is always best to definitely wear a seatbelt because they will end up saving people’s lives. My story literates that people should buckle up each time they step into any kind of vehicle. Each person needs to remember seatbelts save

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