Should Minimum Driving Age Be Raised Essay

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Many people look forward to the day they are able to first drive a car. It’s part of the American dreams. So, should we restrict our youth from driving at such a young age? It’s not just a black and white situation, there are some in-betweens. Some people believe that teenagers should just grow up and be responsible when it comes to driving and the consequences (Sommerfeld 1). While others feel as if it would help our youths safety or better yet everyone’s safety. The minimum driving age should be raised because it will give parents a certainty that their child will be safer behind the wheel and preserve younger lives. Majority of people debate if the driving age should be raised or not. There are more benefits to raising it then to keep the age to where it’s at. Being a young driver can be quite exciting since you can take on the world as more of an adult. Experiencing this is definitely a good feeling. Having such a responsibility at a young age can backfire. Teens can have multiple distractions while driving, like having friends in the car with them, a ringing phone waiting for some kind of reply, or random actions to take …show more content…

We discover that “Phone use could be restricted to a hands-free device. Or calls could be restricted to an emergency number or a parent or office” (Halsey 1.) Though the Cell Control app does silence calls, texts, or any other notifications on the phone the teen possesses, most teens don’t even acknowledge the app to begin with. Therefore opening doors for potential dangers to come in. Although the app can help while the driver is alone by silencing the phone, other people in the car might be a distraction to the driver and as you may infer the app cannot silence those people ultimately defeating the purpose of the app (Halsey 1). That will cause mayhem upon the driver with a multitude of distractions despite having the app active on their

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