Should Standardized Testing Be Mandatory?

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No matter where you go in life you will across a standardized test, but are you really learning anything? I do not believe so. The pros of standardized test is that we know that we are learning something that we will come across one day. Although there is not really real life things that come on a standardized test. Such as cooking or even doing anything with automotive. So instead of adding more and more reading and math intensive classes in our system we need to add more cooking classes and automotive classes. Stuff that we know we will come across in today’s society. Even how to balance a checkbook or even how to write a check. Our students today are failing in the real life because they are too book smart.

There are many aspects as to why standardized testing is an issue and should not be mandatory. One aspect of it is that it promotes rote memorization among students. Students will do what they have to do to memorize the material to pass. We are doing the same thing over and over. Students are not really learning anything from these standardized test. …show more content…

It is unfair that we are forcing children with special needs to take a verbal test when they are nonverbal. It is also unfair to ESL students because they are already struggling as it is with the work. If students do not know what they are doing and not fully understanding the tests they are more than likely to give up and fail. It puts that much more pressure on these

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