Standardized Testing Does Not Measure A Student's Ability

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Standardize test are meant to score students on how consistent they are with answering questions, Ultimately shown that standardized test does not measure a student's abilities nor shows what they know due to a number of factors such as some students may be very poor test takers due to anxiety and the pressure they put on standardised testing. They also might be poor test takers if they remember what they have learned or the very little time they spent on going over it in class. As well as taking away from students education because the test forces teachers to stop their curriculum and teach the things that they “believe” is going to be on the test. The Certain standardized test is not a requirement and does not show how they work and what they can put forth in a college or university. As well as showing that the students who take these standardized test are only a score to the schools they attend and it can not measures an individual's student knowledge they gain but measure how well as school is teaching a specific set of students. …show more content…

To see if the students are actually learning. Which places the students a number as whole instead of individually where each of their characteristics is showing and the knowledge they gain and shown on the test by their self. Standardized test only shows that a student is only a score that represents their school and rs school ranking which is bad because for those who actually tries won't get seen for the hard work they did to others compared to their who don't try will lower the school rankings on testing

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