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The Nazca civilization is an ancient civilization that developed in South America. More specifically in the Southern part of Peru. This civilization originated in Peru around 400 B.C. and collapsed around 700 A.D. The Nazca civilization is artistically, religiously, and intellectually significant in world history. The Nazca Civilization was and still is religiously significant. The Nazca built Cahuachi a large religious complex. Cahuachi was the most important city in the Nazca civilization. Cahuachi was used for harvest festivals, ancestor worships, and burials. Cahuachi was built on the southern part of the Nazca valley in a place where the Nazca River flowed. There the Nazca built forty burial mounds where religious ceremonies were often…show more content…
The Nazca created magnificent textiles and beautiful pottery. The Nazca were expert weavers of cotton, llama and alpaca wool. They even created fine lace and enormous pieces of textile. The cloth was woven with brightly colored geometric figures of birds, animals, and people. They also decorated their textiles with images of their gods. The textiles apart from being decoration and artwork were also worn as head coverings in order to protect the head and neck from the sun since most Nazca citizens were farmers. Textiles were also used to wrap the deceased. But beautiful textiles were not the only pieces of artwork that the Nazca mastered. The Nazca also mastered the ability to create beautiful pottery.Their pottery just like their textiles featured images of animals, people, and gods. (Cartwright, 2014). As a result people, today in Peru are still masters at weaving cotton, llama, and alpaca wool. Peruvian people still create these textiles today and the textiles still fulfill many of their ancient purposes such as covering the head and neck from the sun or being used for decoration. New pottery in Peru is also inspired by the ancient Nazca pottery and many people still make this type of pottery usually pottery is sold and used as decoration (much like ancient

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