Slavery Argumentative Analysis

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Our founding fathers of America knew that they needed a government that did not retrace the steps of Britain. It was in Philadelphia, 1787 that the Constitution was drafted by Thomas Jefferson, who put in ink, the finalized ideas and wishes the representatives had debated upon. “When you assemble a large group of men, you will inevitably find that they will disagree with each other about their...interests…” (Stanford RHL). Men like George Washington intended on the Constitution to form the best government they could possibly create, so the generations to come would not raise more setbacks. Once in a heated debate over topics like slavery and leadership, the solution is always hard to come by, but the representatives wanted an operative plan …show more content…

The Southern and Northern states were in a huge dispute over whether to continue slavery or stop it for good. It would do no good for states with slaves to keep materials to themselves, for that would defeat the whole purpose of the Constitution because the colonies needed each other to benefit as one. “If the Northern states think about their interest, they will not oppose the increase of slaves because they will profit by selling the goods that slaves produce” (Stanford RHL). The representatives decided to keep slavery and no matter how much some debated against this outcome, those men had to realize the importance of the work the slaves helped with, without it America would slowly lose its ability to survive. In twenty years, the founders would not know whether or not they will still need slaves, to make everyone happy, they decided to continue the slave trade for 20 more years, after that no more slaves would be brought into America. Thus, this made the people who wanted slavery to continue elated since the population will expand. The protesters against slavery were in no match to change the outcome, so instead of making the slave trade infinite, the 20 years would help, since all the slaves would eventually diminish to a small quantity. Surely they all realized that having some of their wishes granted was better than nothing. This was a compromise to make the majority of the representatives happy, without everyone happy the constitution would have had no way of being ratified. It was a step for them all to put aside their different opinions and agree on one to form a “perfect

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