Italy Social Customs Essay

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Part 1 Study Of Italian Culture
A1 .Social Customs
The social customs of the Italian culture in a business environment is that an initial introduction is done formally and the most common form of greeting is a simple handshake. It is common for both sexes. The Italians would also grasp the other person arms with their left hand. It is expected that one should shake hand with everyone single person in a group. After a handshake, business cards are exchanged and this happen only in business function and meeting. Business card should not be exchanged at a social occasions. When being introduced, the Italian would prefer a third part to introduce them rather than themselves.
During a business function, the eldest person or the most senior present are given special treatment as a form of respect. In Italy, the dress code is important because the Italian pay a lot of attention on the attire of someone. Therefore, it is important to have appropriate attire. Men and women in Italy would wear formally to work. Besides, kissing in the land of Italy is considered normal. Family and close friends, irrespective of sexes, would usually kiss when they meet each other. However, the kiss is more like a mere brushing of the cheek with some kissing noises. The kiss is deposited high up on the cheek and never on the mouth when kissing between members of the opposite sex, unless they are lovers.
A2.Social Norms In Italy, discussion such as politics and about World War II should be
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