Social Issues In Boyz N The Hood

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In the movie “Boyz in the Hood” it is set in the inner city of Los Angeles, that portrays the social problems and issues that arose in the early 90’s. It shows the story line of three guys who are best friends that grew in “in the hood” on the same street, and the problems they face of a daily basis. Ricky and Doughboy are two half-brothers, with two different ambitions in life. Ricky is your typical high school star athlete who is trying his hardest to get a scholarship to USC, to make a better life for him and his girlfriend and their child. Doughboy was succumbed into violence, gang affiliation, and alcohol due to being in and out of juvenile detention centers growing up, although he was into gang and violence Doughboy still maintains a …show more content…

One night, Furious’ house got broken into. He proceeded to call the cops to make a statement seeing as how the robber got away. Once the cops got there, Furious and Tre were mistreated and spoke down on from one of the cops who happened to also be African American. The cop treated them in that way because of the location they lived in, the police man assumed that because they were living in the hood that everyone was the same and all trouble makers that would never amount to anything. Little did the cop know, Furious had gone to college, and was very sophisticated and well-educated black man. This relates to general strain theory which states people will be deviant because they feel pressured into crime. Meaning, the African American police man was threatened by Furious, which is why he reacted the way that he did. To try and remind Furious that he was in control and had power over him. Although Furious did nothing wrong, the cop still felt the pressure to remind Furious that he was the one with power. The police man felt that because he did not live in the hood, that he was better than Furious and …show more content…

This is deviant because Doughboy and his friends were underage, being under the influence of alcohol can cause the person to not think straight, and can eventually cause long term health issues. It is also deviant because Doughboys mother never took the time to tell him not to do it. She allowed that kind of behavior from her child which is also not okay. This behavior van be explained by strain theory which in more detail is retreatism. Retreatism is when individuals who are in society but not a part of it, basically just existing. Which is deviant according to a functionalist perspective because according to functionalism everything in society has a purpose. Doughboy did not have any ambitions to ever leave the hood unlike Tre and Ricky. He made the choices to partake in the same thing every day: guns, violence, alcohol, and gang

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