Social Media Isolation Among Students

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Social Media create isolation among students mainly by process Nowadays, social media is very useful. However, people are lonely and the network is seductive (Turkle, 2012). This is the primary reason why most of the people are usually into social media. They use social media for they have beliefs that this will help them overcome the loneliness they felt. Social media is a medium for people to keep in contact with their friends and loved ones (Kholfsea, 2015). They usually use social media to be updated. We use social media in business, communication and in our daily life. There are researches about the social media and they are more focus on the positive effect of social media. This time in this research paper I will be focusing on the negative…show more content…
There are advantages and disadvantages in using social media. Some researches prove that social media create isolation among students. Since students are so curious then they are prone in engaging all their time to social media. Social media has changed the way people interact with each other (Nouldelman, 2015). Definitely, social media has changed the way people look how a conversation and a communication must go. It changes the mind-set of the users that it is better to communicate virtually and not personally. It develops the shyness of the individual person because they are no longer used to speak or talk with the person next to them. Others tend to communicate each other through social media. Social media also changes the norms. It feels like the norms nowadays are to communicate friends and other people through social media. But the most effective way in minimizing the isolation that some students are now suffering is the personal communication. Although, social media is a need, we must also consider the negative effect and not only the positive effect because every issue has advantages and disadvantages. The isolation that cause by the social media is not a direct effect but a process. It is a process that develops the isolation within the user. From a normal usage of social media until the students be more comfortable with being alone and with the social media itself. Being comfortable with the social media and communicating others virtually or through social media lessen the interest of having a social interaction with other
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