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“Professional social workers are required to develop and practice ongoing social work knowledge, values and skills in order to be competent social workers”(Clemens, 2014, p.1). Social workers work and assist clients with many different entities, such as improving or empowering their lives, and social policies that impact an effect their lives. “Social workers engaged in planned change see the connections and mutual interactions between people and the social environment of which they are a part” (Garthwait, 2014, p177). To be truly effective, social workers must be committed and skilled in the interventions that reflect their client’s lives and influenced their societal conditions and social policies.
At the Adult Protective Services our
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Our investigation begins with speaking with the reporter, and all collateral parties. The agency recently using SHIELD, (Strategies that Help Intervention and Evaluation Leading to Decisions) which is the assessment tool to promote client safety, identify strengths and needs, and reduce current and future abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation( APS.Org). SHILED is the data collection tool for the Agency. SHIELD consist of 3 different parts or steps: Safety Assessment (SA), Risk of Recidivism Assessment (RORA) Strengths and Needs Assessment (SNA). The goal of SHIELD is to address the AV immediate need, empower them through focusing on their strengths and decreasing their risk of future ANE claims. Caseworkers used the Client-Centered approach that requires involvement and active role from their social systems, and empowerment and education in hopes of ANE not happening again. “Empowerment-oriented social work practice seeks to engage participants in the process of increasing their knowledge and skills relative to their efforts to meet their own needs and those of others” ( Cox, 2002, p. 27). We continue to use the social systems and empowerment on the Mezzo level, and Macro Level. The Services Plans are review every time a case worker meets with a client, and it reminds the client of the plan that they agreed

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