Socioeconomic Status Essay

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Socioeconomic status is a measurement of a person’s occupation, income and education levels. In most cases, socioeconomic status is perceived as social standing or financial class of an individual. Additionally, it is mostly based on power, influence and control that an individual has over others. Socioeconomic status is a fundamental variable utilized in discerning inequalities particularly in accessing and distributing public resources. Social standing is applicable in a wide range of realms such as behavioral factors as well as social sciences. Therefore, it is worth noting that socioeconomic status greatly affects educational practices and health programs. Firstly, socioeconomic is a powerful contributor to poor health status in most individuals. …show more content…

Individuals with higher SES have enough income and are more likely to have positive health outcome. Furthermore, it is essential to note that schools located in regions with lower socioeconomic status do not have enough necessary resources that enhance effective educational practices and programs. As a result, these school systems are not in a position to offer quality education compared to school systems situated in high-SES communities. In summary, socioeconomic status is a powerful variable that determines an individual and community social position. Low SES in alignment with its associates like poor health status and low-quality education continuously affects the general productivity of a community. SES also affects people 's education outcomes in the sense that basic education skills directly relate to the home surrounding, such that low literacy societies and life pressure negatively influences a person’s basic knowledge. Schools situated where communities have low SES record poor academic results. Proactive measures like creation of job opportunities are necessary in mitigating adverse effects related to low socioeconomic

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