Sodium Sulphate Reaction Lab Report

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Explain why the reaction between sodium sulphate and silver nitrate did not occur even though sodium sulphate is insoluble in the most part? The reaction did not occur because the solution was mixed with 0.1M of silver nitrate and 0.1M of silver nitrate is not strong enough for the reaction to occur. If silver nitrate contained more than 0.1 mole, the reaction would have occurred because silver sulphate is insoluble and is a solid. Why is it needed for barium nitrate and ammonium sulphate to dissolve into water separately first before mixing the two together? Water is required for reactants because it forms dissociated ions which then reacts.This reaction can only occur when barium nitrate and ammonium sulphate is in aqueous state and dissolving the reactants into water turns them into aqueous state. …show more content…

After it rains, people have noticed the statue to erode and lose its color slowly and over a period of time. Explain why this happens based off what you’ve learned in this lab? (APP) Marble is essentially limestone which is made up of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). When the marble is in presence of an acid, it reacts to form water, a gas, and a salt. Therefore, the marble erodes when it is exposed to acid rain such as nitric acid. Furthermore, acid rain is only slightly acidic which causes the marble to erode slowly and over extended periods of exposure. Why is it required to mix an acid with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) when baking? (APP) An acid is essential to mix with baking soda because it creates carbon dioxide which causes the baked goods to rise. Also baking soda needs to neutralize the acid or else the finished baked good will likely have an unpleasant metallic

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