Southwest Airlines HR Case Study

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Southwest Airlines has been operated for 47 years from 1967 to now. It is the major airline in United States. According to the report from International Air Transport Association (2014), it is stated that Southwest Airlines carries most local passengers throughout all of the airlines in US. The culture of this company is similar to the one in Singapore Airlines which is using low fares to operate lots of flights (Yang et al., 2014). Although it is not luxury, the company tries very best to offer the excellent service to the customers. It promotes the sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit within the company. It even uses ‘LUV’ to be its’ stock tick symbol to emphasize the great atmosphere in the workplace (Stewart, 2009). ‘Service Talent Cycle’ will be used to explain how this company care of its’ personnel and how it succeed in the human resources management.

Southwest Airlines is an attractive employer to the people. It is stated that this company is one of the greatest company to work for throughout the world. Also, it ranks high in employee satisfaction as it puts the personnel before the customers which are so rare in workplace (Eckman, 2006).
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Most of companies may force their employees to create an image that are favored to the customers but Southwest Airlines will not do it. Instead, it encourages the staffs to perform duties in their personalize way. Besides, it promotes the shift trading between the staffs as it hopes not to disturb the staffs’ private life and influence them to loss a balance between social life and work. In addition, monthly social event between employees is created and a fund is established in order to help the employees release the stress and let them know the company can be depended on. The above policies are useful to decrease the problems of emotional labor and enhance their loyalty to the

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