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International Space Station

Did you know that the International Space Station is worth more than $150 Billion United States Dollars?! The International Space Station is recorded to be the most expensive object ever made in the history of the universe! There is Astronauts and Scientists flying back and forth from Earth to the station every six months. The longest ever an astronaut has been at the station is 216 days. There is always 3-6 Astronauts and the ISS at a time. But ask yourself this, what happened to make this big $150 Billion dollar space phenomenon? Whoś idea was it to make it? Why was it created? What is currently happening on a daily basis, and what is the future of this Aircraft?

According to, the International
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It travels 254 miles from the earth and it takes approximately 2 days to fly to the International Space Station. It travels at 4.75 miles per second. The max speed of the station is 17,500 miles per hour. It takes 1.5 hours {92 minutes} to orbit the whole earth. The Station has a pressurized volume of about 32,333 cubic feet. The same as a Boeing 747 (a very large commercial jet airliner and cargo aircraft to fly people from one destination to another). The Station is owned by the United States, Russia, Canada, the European Partner and Japan. On the station, there are many facilities and lab stations to do experiments and other research. Crew members of the International Space Station conduct space walks while orbiting earth. The purpose of spacewalks are to perform space tasks and research that can only be done with microgravity environment. They study how the human body reacts to this environment. The members of the station also need to keep very healthy and in good shape while they are in space. Astronauts eat freeze-dried foods. Astronauts squeeze water into the food packages and then eats the food after the food absorbs the water. They can use hot water to eat warm meals like spaghetti or chicken teriyaki with rice. Most-all foods are nutritious and have lots of carbs for the Astronauts to stay healthy and in shape. You are now probably wondering , ¨Where do astronauts go to the bathroom?” Well, Astronauts can urinate into a long tube with a vacuum system sucking away all of the waste. They can also go into a special space toilet which floats the waste out into space. The airflow keeps everything going down the pipe so it can get through. After all of this, don´t you have to brush your teeth? The station is installed with velcro dots to the walls so they can stick their toothpaste to the velcro with other velcro dots stuck to the toothpaste
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