Speech Is Better Than Speech Essay

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According to Oxford dictionary (2015), the speech was defined as the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings by articulate sounds. As for writing, it was defined as a sequence of letters, words, or symbols marked on a surface. Speech and writing are both crucial methods to interact with people. However, which one is better? Personally, I think that speech is better than writing because of its advantages. As we all know, in this modern era, technology had overcome the importance of speech. For an example, let’s look at the most trending application right now which is Whatsapp. Whatsapp had overtaken the importance of speech because people find it easier to communicate with each other. However did we realized that this issue will lead us to more serious problems? So, this essay will discuss…show more content…
It is possible to establish friendly relation among the parties concern through direct speech. The reason for this is because, there is an eye connection with the listener. Eye connection means spending time with each person so that person feels like you’re just talking to them. That is the most crucial things that writing does not have. In speaking eye contact is very important in order to get the listener’s attention. The audience will felt that you have genuinely connected with them and fell like you care about their reaction. Furthermore, direct speech is suitable for mass communication. It is because the speaker can communicate with many people at a same time through speech. However, for writing, in order to get people’s attention, we need to write a lot of the same thing and it will consume our time and money. We also need to distribute those papers to the people in order to make sure that they read it. Therefore, speech clearly can help the speaker to gain attention and can share any information with many people at the same
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