Spirit Of Hope Research Paper

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Today, my experience at Spirit of Hope was very beneficial and eye opening. I am astonished, how much the horses that we worked with have taught me things. Not only did these horses teach me things, they also solidified things I knew about myself. Some of which are being more assertive when dealing with a new “difficult” patient and to take time for myself; too often I put my time into assisting a patient that I don’t get time from a lunch break. This is dangerous to the patient and myself because I am not fully present; as I am thinking about merely the next time I will get a chance to eat. One of the most eye opening experiences from today, was when I was trying to do the head to tail on Sarah, she was not letting me listen to her heart or lungs. She…show more content…
However, I need to get assessments done and show difficult patients, who is in charge at the moment. I know in the case of Margret, it was her disease, not her truly personality. Leading me to conclude, when I have difficult patients and I am not present and get anxious; they will feel this negative energy and possibly react in a negative way; just as Margret did. Not only did these horses confirm that I need to improve on being assertive; they also helped me to find an interest in my future career. My love helping people learn things about themselves through reflection; this could be through therapy or class. I love assisting people that are sick, get better, but I not future down the road, I want to either teach nursing students or assist people that need me the most through some sort of therapy; just as we did today with the horses. I am not sure, what that is exactly, but I know I am not a person who can work in the hospital, my whole life. In conclusion, today was an educational day; where weakness and passions where brought up. I am astonished how horses, taught me this and was more beneficial than having someone confirm this thoughts and
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