Essay On Sports Hazing

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In the United States sports hazing is a problem that can have a wide range of effects. The event can cause people to change their opinion of people they thought they knew. But it can also bring victims and their families closer together. Sports hazing in the United States is a issue that occurs in all different levels of sports, leaves people in a assortment of emotions,and causes victims to feel as if they can not tell anyone because of the repercussions that might follow. Hazing can happen in all sports, at any age,and comes from the people that seem trustworthy. High school sport is the level where hazing occurs the most but, Alfred University found that “acts of hazing were seen in high numbers from the middle school level through the collegiate level”. Most cases are older kids hazing the younger ones who had just joined the team. For example the NFHS recalled a case in California where “Some members of a varsity girls soccer team forced four freshman girls to drink alcohol until the girls vomited or collapsed”. Similar things happen in the collegiate level. The upperclassmen …show more content…

The first is subtle hazing. This is the least intense of the three. Subtle hazing is classified as when the recipient is humiliated or embarrassed and is from a result the tormentor calling them names and making fun of them. The second is harassment hazing. This is when the person who is being hazed is caused physical discomfort like wearing something extremely discomforting and inappropriate and having to be in an uncomfortable position. The third and worst type of hazing is bodily harm hazing. The sports journal described bodily harm hazing as…”any form of action that may cause physical punishment, or any action that may cause bodily harm and/or touching in private places and/or de-clothing of a student”. These three types helps determine what could happen to the offender and classify the seriousness of the

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