Standardized Testing Persuasive Essay

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When a teacher announces that there is an upcoming test, sighs and complaining will fill the room. But are standardized tests all that bad? Standardized tests are a simple and fast way to evaluate whether students understand what is required of them to learn. Many people have started to protest standardized testing because of the effect it has on students. Standardized tests should continue because they help teachers improve their teaching, allow students’ progress to be tracked over time, and they hold schools accountable for student’s learning. One reason standardized testing should continue in schools is because they help teachers improve their teaching. Many educators have noticed that “the clear information gleaned from these universal …show more content…

In the article, “Should schools continue standardized testing?” it states, “They suggest that students benefit from participating in standardized testing because it allows their progress to be tracked over time. That way, teachers and parents can easily track student improvement.” Many parents and teachers like the aspect of seeing students’ improvement in different areas. Teachers can also look at the data and see how they can personally help a student and alter their teaching. Standardized tests provide a great measurement of progress for students and without them, that data would be harder to obtain. Standardized tests hold schools accountable for students’ learning. Churchill claims, “Standardized exam data remains the best way to hold schools accountable for their academic performance.” These tests provide a gauge for parents and administrators to see how the students in each class are doing. Standardized tests evaluate what students have learned from what is required. The American University writes, “Standardized testing requirements are designed to hold teachers, students, and schools accountable for academic achievement and to incentivize

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