Stereotypes Of Woman Essay

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Free Write #1. (Overconfident in a sport) I’ve been dancing for the past 18 years of my life. I started as a young girl at the age of 3, and soon took on the sport as my number one hobby. I loved every minute of it and surrounded my life with multiple dance classes and different dance teams. In fact by the age of 15 I was one two different elite competition squads, one was my studio, while the other was the varsity high school team. On top of that I was taking around three hours or dance classes each night of the week. I even thought about transferring to an Art School, where I could dance during the class day, and get credit, by learning about the different dance styles. Overall to say the least, I was very dedicated to the sport of dance and tried my hardest to be the best dance expert. In fact I thought I was the best dancer. From years of experience in competitions, solo routines, and traveling to …show more content…

(Stereotype of woman in society) Woman in the media are portrayed everyday through false images and exemplars in todays society. The media portrays girls to be young, skinny and attractive, and if you do not have these qualities, you “fail” as a woman. In fact, no matter where we go, women are constantly reminded of these false images they must portray. For instance if you open up a magazine there will probably be endless amounts of advertisements of girls selling their body for certain products, or symbolizing themselves for just beauty, instead of their education or self worth. Overall due to the media people are getting the wrong representation of woman. The media is stereotyping girls to be “perfect” as in having beautiful skin, luscious hair, and the perfect body. Results of stereotyping are also leading not only woman, but also men to have availability bias about how a woman should look and act. In society woman are expected to be a certain way, and it’s not only changing our priorities, but it is harming the way we feel and

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