Personal Narrative: I Am On The Track

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I wake up and I 'm on the track around thousands of people screaming. I 'm in a panic , heart beating , full of sweat and nervousness. Familiar faces like my mom and teammates allows me to calm down. Track is my safe haven but I will always feel under pressure.
I 'm accomplished when I am on the track. the track is where I realized that my capabilities As a human being are boundless. being that it is an outdoor sport, it forces me to endure the difference of temperatures and conditions. some days the weather is unbelievably hot and humid or so cold and finishing practice seems impossible. Thanks to new York the weather is so unpredictable , rain snow flurries and sunny days can occur with in one full day. I 've learned from practicing under these unpredictable conditions, it is that no matter how unpleasant the weather or how hard the workout, these obstacles can be overcome. This feeling that I can beat all this world has to throw at me shows a mental toughness within me and gave me a burning ambition for tackling hardships encountered on a daily basis. …show more content…

The laps I run around the track are not just a form of repeating exercise; they are my therapy. with each stride the world disappears; the one hundred point test tomorrow does not exist, the cleaning I have to do once I get home is not real, and fro once I do not have a list of things I have to do. A weight room filled with treadmills is intensified by a layer of sweat that covers my body, and heavy panting and the rhythmic sound of my footsteps. my first encounter with the track occurred at the age of fourteen. quite and shy, I said very little to the other guys, but luckily my talent spoke for me. as the competition season progressed, I became more aware and proud of what my boy was capable of accomplishing. this realization was accompanied by building confidence, and for the first time in my adolescent life I felt

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