Structural Functionalism Theory By Lois Griffin

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Structural Functionalism Theory Last night I saw an episode of Family Guy where Lois Griffin the mother figure in the show decides to look for a job since her husband Peter Griffin recently lost his job. Lois has never had a job and always has been a housewife while Peter would always work and be the only source of income. Lois would take care of all the house chores and things that needed to be done like picking up the kids and making dinner. Although Family Guy is not the perfect example of a functional family .The Griffins however are a perfect example of a nuclear family that follow the guidelines of the structural functionalism theory since Peter is the breadwinner, Lois is the housewife and they all live in balance under the same…show more content…
Men are to be instrumental and women are to be expressive. Portraying men are the ones who provide for the family and are head of the household. Men are in charge of the physical needs of family members in terms of income, food, shelter, clothes and education while the women’s main focus is meeting the emotional needs of the family by being the nurturing, comprehending, go to parent that a family needs. Marriage is seen as a mutually beneficial exchange between members of two genders, each of which enacts traditional gender roles, with women receiving protection, economic support, and status from their husbands and men receiving emotional and sexual support, household maintenance, and the production of children from their…show more content…
Typically when there are males in the family they look up to their father figures for guidance and wish to be like them whereas, the females look up their mom more and are taught since their young to be a lady. This balance of qualities creates a structure that meets the norms and values of a family. It had been previously seen that when there is deviation from the norms there is a disorganization. This threatens the survival of the family system. Creating a disruptive and chaotic living environment not only for the parents but to those in the family as well. Which leads to a divorce and disruption of that balanced family
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