Student Motivation In Learning

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Motivation is the most important factor in order to enhance learning of students. Every action we do is underlined by some sort of motivation. This includes students and their motivation to learn. There are many cross-disciplinary theories proposed to explain motivation. But no single theory seems to effectively explain all human motivation. The fact is that human beings in general and students in particular are complex creatures with complex desires and needs. Motivating students to learn on consistent basis is one of the greatest challenges teachers face. The important factors of students’ motivation are students themselves, teacher, content, method/process, and learning environment. We as a teacher do play a vital role in shaping what occurs…show more content…
But it also involves the reasons or goals that underlie their participation or nonparticipation in classroom activities. Although students may be equally motivated to perform a task, the sources of their motivation may differ. That is, students should have many sources of motivation in their learning experience in each class. (Palmer, 2007; Debnath, 2005; D’Souza and Maheshwari, 2010). Motivation to learn is characterized by continuing, quality involvement in learning process. General experience are the factors that influence the development of students’ motivation. But stimulated most directly through demonstrating, direct instruction or…show more content…
Therefore, teachers must create an ideal classroom environment that is encouraging to learning. Also, teachers should be trained to support expanded role for class interaction to make effective. Teachers should consider various strategies that can capitalize on student engagement and success in the classroom. As instructors, we can create an ideal classroom environment that is favorable to learning. Learning is intrinsically hard-work; it is pushing the brain to its limits, and it can only possible with the help of motivation. Highly motivated students will learn readily, and make easy to teach, while low motivated students will learn little and generally make teaching unhappy and unsatisfying. But the fact is that there is a lot teacher can do to motivate their students to learn. It is important to recognize that the vibrant element of good teaching is motivating learning. The teacher as an expert in the content, is only capable to show students why the content is important, academically interesting, and valuable to learn. It must be seen as personally relevant, interesting, and/or useful to the students. Teachers should recognize the students’ backgrounds and experiences and aspirations, and finding ways to connect the content to authentic real world situations and problems that the students can relate to. Teacher should

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