Summary: In Defense Of The Permissibility Of Abortion

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In defense of the permissibility of abortion
1. Main argument
My purpose in this paper is to critically access Thomson’s defense of the permissibility of abortion and further defend abortion with my supplement. My thesis is that abortion should be permitted by the choice of the pregnant women, premised on the fact that fetus is a person and abortion can only be performed at the cost of the children’s life. And since both the mother and the fetus have the right to life, the fetus may have the right to use the mother’s body, while the mother may also have the right to refuse fetus’s right to use her body. The right-to life for a fetus is not only the right to born, but also the right to live his life. Therefore, if the mother chooses abortion …show more content…

Since there are cases like rape, or fatal pregnancy that abortion should be permitted upon mother’s choice, then the question move from ‘if an abortion kills a bady’ to ‘if an abortion kills a baby unjustly’. They baby is dependent to the mother, and a pregnancy last nine months. If you think it is unjust to kill an unborn baby, and it is against baby’s right-to-life, then it is also unjust to ask a women to sacrifice her body nine month to go through the pregnancy to conception. No sacrifice is morally or legally required regardless of how big or how small it is. A sacrifice is a favor that can only be decided from the party who has the ability to perform, in this case, the mother.
The last idea that Thomson brings into this discussion is Samaritanism. To be a good Samaritanism is kind, decent, generous, but to be a minimal decent Samaritan may be have all bad personality like mean, greedy, irresponsible. However, no one can judge a Minimal decent Samaritan as an unjust person. Therefore, women refuse to supply a child with her body and choose abortion is not unjust killing, and no third party should deny the permissibility. In the last section, Thomason clarify that he is arguing the permissibility of abortion instead permit all kinds of …show more content…

When a woman choose the abortion, she either think the child may influence her life, or she is incapable of guarantee her child’s life. A baby is not only dependent to his mother during the pregnancy, but also dependent to his mother after the conception. We should not narrow the child’s right-to-life in the child have the right to be given the birth, moreover, the child should be able to survive after the conception. The sacrifice for a women to her child is much more greater than a nine month pregnancy, and for most of times, only the women herself knows what it means to her to have a child and what it means to the child to start a life with the mother. If the pregnant woman was struggling with a husband for domestic violence, she loves child and could physically give birth to the baby. But is it fair for the child to have a start a life with a violent father, and possibly may go through a rough life with her mother without basic life supply. Sometimes, abortion is way to both protect the baby and the

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