Summary Of Church Is A Team Sport By Jim Putnam

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Jim Putnam, author of Church Is a Team Sport, is the pastor of Real Life Ministries, a small church that grew to over 8,000 people. This book is a leadership manual for how one can effectively grow their church using the principles that the author suggests. Putnam uses the analogy of a sports team throughout the book to make it easier for the reader to understand the principles he suggests for church growth. Putnam believes there is a problem with the modern evangelical church, and he writes this book to point out and correct those errors. The following review of Church Is a Team Sport, will review the contents of the book along with an analysis of its major strengths and weaknesses. This review will also apply the contents to current day ministry.
The introduction of the book begins with Jim Putnam telling his story of how he started Real Life Ministries, a church that now totals over 8,000 people. Putnam is a former All-American wrestler and coach, and is the reason why he uses the analogy of a sports team to church throughout the book. Church Is a …show more content…

Putnam emphasizes some aspects of preaching that are important. Unfortunately, he states that preaching theological truths should not be done from the pulpit. Unfortunately, this has become true in many churches. A pastor is to teach his congregation theology because the bible is a book that reflects the character and nature of God. The more a person knows the deep, rich theological truths of God, the more he or she will worship God. Today, the great truths of the sovereignty of God, the holiness of God, are not expounded in the pulpit and that is a great disservice to the congregation. Theological truths should be taught in the pulpit as that will help the people grow and mature. In my own ministry, I am going to make sure to try to find the right balance when preaching so that the congregation will get the most out of the Word of

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