Summary Of The Borderlands La Frontera By Gloria Anzaldúa

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When migrating into the Rio Grande Valley, the loss of one’s culture and language becomes inevitable due to the process of “Americanization” and language dominancy. Although society judged and attacked her because of her culture, Gloria Anzaldúa, a Chicana writer, published an informative and prideful book called “ The Borderlands: La Frontera”, which she wrote her famous chapter “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” that depicted her refusal of others who try to extract her culture and the connection between the cultural density of a person’s language and their identity. In addition, Anzaldúa informs her audience about the Chicano Heritage and culture to justify that, just like another language, it recognition is important to Chicanos as it identifies …show more content…

In addition, she creates an allusion by saying “Chicanos didn’t know we were a person until 1965 when Caesar Chavez… and I Am Joaquín was published and the La Raza Unida party was from in Texas,” to inform her audience and gain credibility on how long the Chicanos struggle with developing their identity and what they refer themselves as today (43-44). Throughout the remainder of her essay, she keeps the remaining parts of her essay hopeful because even though the Chicanos continue to struggle keeping their culture alive, she is hopeful that her language will stand strong against the other popular languages when she quotes “We, the mestizos and mestizos, will remain,” (44). Therefore, Anzaldúa uses these strategies to give her an audience abundance of information from her own experiences and historical events to complete the idea of that even though they go through these difficulties, they discuss what they consider themselves as today and informs the audience on how long they struggled to build their identity, therefore supports her purpose of how they found their identity through

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