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The sunflower seed is the seed of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus). The methanol extract of seeds of Helianthus annuus were screened for analgesic activity in mice model to systematically explore the medicinal values of the plant. Acetic acid induced writhing and hot plate methods were used to confirm the central and peripheral analgesic action. The extract at dose 100mg/kg and 200mg/kg showed attenuated writhing inhibition at 50.35% and 57.85% in case of acetic acid-induced writhing test which showed significant analgesic activity (p< 0.05). In the hot plate method increase (p < 0.05) of latency period was also observed in comparison to standard aspirin. At 60 minutes, the latency period of two different doses (100 and 200 mg/kg body weight)…show more content…
The mice were kept at constant temperature (22±2oC) and 12-h light/12-h dark. Mice were fed standard laboratory food (Hind Lever diet pellets) and water was given ad libitum. Each animal was used once in the behavior tests. The experimental protocols for this study were approved by the Institutional Ethical Committee following the guidelines of Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA). Plant material and extraction 300gm dried powder of seed was weighed & taken in a aspirator (2.5L). Before placing powders into the aspirator, the jar was washed properly with acetone and then dried. 800ml of solvent i.e. methanol was added gradually. The container with its content was sealed & kept for 20 days with occasional shaking & stirring. The major portion of the extractable compounds of the plant materials were dissolved in the solvent. Then whole mixture was filtered through cotton wool and the filtrate was concentrated by evaporation in dry & clean air. And it was kept for 15 days to get the final extract of the…show more content…
The writhing was counted accordingly and writhing of control group was assumed to be 100% .Control group showed writhing of 83 ± 1.44. Where as positive control group (Aspirin) showed writhing of 31 ± 0.79, which is highly significant (P<0.001) Table1: Response in hot plate method in mice. Group Dose (mg/kg) 0 min 30 min 60 min 90 min 120 min Control - 2 1.75 ± 0.22 2 ±0.365 1.75 ± 0.43 2.5 ± 0.26 Aspirin 10 10.25 ± 0.475 18 ± 0.41 24.25 ±0.625 20.75 ± 0.475 19 ± 0.705 Helianthus annuus 100 7.5 ± 0.865 8 ± 0.408 13 ± 0.91 9 ± 0.705 6.5 ± 0.705 Helianthus annuus 200 8 ± 0.408 9.75 ± 0.475 16.5 ± 1.55 13 ± 0.915 10.5 ±

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