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At present, the Fitbit brand is the most wearable fitness tracker on the U.S market, with around 70% of the device market share and 85% of the market by dollar value (McNew, 2015). Regrettably, to say, there is abundantly a few competitors that are trying to take the lead from Fitbit. Today on the Market Watch worldwide 2018, Fitbit is trading at $5.32 per share, which it is up .76%, previously it closed at $5.28 per share. These companies are trying their hardest to overtake Fitbit in the market with their own products. There are companies like Jawbone, Xiaomi, and even the Apple corporation with the apple watch. The goal here at the Fitbit corporation is not just to sell another cheap knockoff product like the Lidl Silvercrest Personal Care Activity Tracker, or the Goji Go activity tracker, but to encourage people in the United Kingdom to monitor their health on an everyday basis with the Fitbit charge 3 wristbands. The Fitbit charge 3 wristbands will encourage them to be proactive …show more content…

Then there is the Apple watch which sells for about £359.00 - £749.00 Gbps with the watch having call features and the ability also to pay for items with an APP on the watch. Those features might attract some of the Fitbit customers within the market, but the main goal of using a Fitbit charge 3 wristband is to show customers that the charge 3 wristbands was designed with the idea of improving their health needs and not cheap gimmicks to take their hard earn money. A review that was conducted by PC Magazine Digital Edition shows that fitness trackers are more "singularly focused than smartwatches" (Duffy & Colon, 2017). Fitness trackers are more dedicated activity trackers that can help people to move more, sleep healthier, and improve their overall

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