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INTRODUCTION COMPANY INSIGHT In the past 1970s, India showed huge potential for textile market. It was evident at that point of time that the textile industry could gain a lot through global expansion. Mr. Vishwanath Agarwal started the company Donear at that time to bring style and fashion into the fabric industry. He had great entrepreneurial skills as well as a visionary who could identify the potential and took a chance in order to start a company. After the creation of Donear in 1977, it made its presence in every household. Donear had pioneered in manufacturing excellent fabrics with its state of the art machinery at that time and hence it went on to cater to all the growing needs of the textile market. It had set a new benchmark for quality fabrics in the textile industry. It was also known for its efficient customer service. Donear has been present in the industry for more than three decades. It has become a fast growing and respected brand in the market because of its advanced and quality fabrics…show more content…
Regular surveys conducted by the company in the market gives a feedback which helps in improving the service and quality of the products time to time. Donear is known as a major exporter of textile fabrics. It exports approximately around 10% of its annual production. These exports are helpful to the readymade garment manufacturer abroad to produce Suits, Trousers, Shirts, Jackets, Workwear, and Uniforms. Donear is an active participant in the international textile trade shows so as to keep itself appraised about the matters of technological advancement in the industry. The “TEXWORLD TRADE FAIR” held in France every year witnesses Donear as a regular participant. Because of the quality exports of Donear there are high chances that the annual exports may rise to 25% from the present

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