Swot Analysis Of Obama Care

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We face the uncertainty of the government making more changes to the healthcare industry and the insurance marketplace. If patients can’t afford healthcare, they will forgo the insurance premiums to help save some money. Obamacare has changed that way of thinking. Patients are now fined or penalized for not having insurance, but the insurance that is available is too costly for anyone to afford. Patients just have to pray they don’t get sick and need insurance. If they do get insurance then they forgo the prescription coverage and we have all heard about how high the cost of prescriptions are these days. Then where does that leave the hospital and clinics? Right in the middle of trying to help patients afford their meds or pay our bill or even the grocery bill. Hospitals are fighting a constant battle to make …show more content…

It’s a vicious circle. Organizations are only as good as their leaders; from here we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership practices. All leaders have their own style that works for them based on the situation they are dealing with. Current leadership has utilized multiple styles of leading our organization during this process. I feel that all leaders need to possess all styles of leadership if they are going to be successful with any organization. When a person assumes the leadership position for any

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