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TD Corporation is preparing to launch a new department store specifically for party supplies called Party City. Party City is positioned world wide by the slogan “Nobody Has More Party For Less” – indicating that the store offers more in the way of desirable product features and benefits at a competitive price. TD is taking advantage of the lack of resources for this market on the island. Party City will target multiple age structures of the population because the various events that are planned throughout an individual’s life-cycle. Other target markets will include those from the Psychographic and Behavioral segments. Through the psychographic segment, TD Corporation is tapping into the emotions of the consumers by
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They offer products similar to Party City, but their supply is very scarce. Just recently they opened up their market to include supplies for Halloween supplies, but again, are very scarce with their supply. Because Moylan’s Party World has similar products as Party City and because it is a locally owned business, the mark-up to prices is very high. A costume sold at Moylan’s Party World can be found online at a much cheaper rate and that is including shipping.

• The Dungeon came to Guam in the early 2000s and catered only to Halloween supplies such as costumes and decorations. They would be closed more than half the year only to open up during the Halloween Season, which usually started in late August. It was not until the late 2000s that they decided to add more products for more occasions. Their products were the same products that were offered online at Oriental Trading, but once again, were marked higher than ordering from Oriental Trading directly with
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They too are owned locally and are considered a department store as well. Their value proposition of “Shop 4 Less” is very attractive, but at the same time the quality of the products is not so attractive. If an individual is putting together a quick, last minute party he or she may find all that is needed at Shop 4 Less, but might not get the quality they would if they were to buy their products at Moylan’s Party World (if Moylan’s Party World even carried the same product). A lot of the party supply products found at shop for less is equivalent to the products found at The Dungeon: the difference is, of course, in

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